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No, not talking about the feeling you may get after a good bottle of wine; but actually the advancements in technology which have brought the possibility of autostereo mobile devices into our lifetimes! Pundits are saying that by next autumn we may well be able to view 3D without glasses; Intelligent Avionics has been working with MasterImage 3D to develop an in-plane seatback 3D screen – it was demonstrated at the recent Aircraft Show in Hamburg and created a lot of interest.

One of the interesting developments with glass-free 3D is that evidence has shown that the experience attracts eyeballs, and literally increases dwell time on content. That’s got to be something of interest to digital marketeers for the future. We’re not too sure about the scope of 3D ourselves, it doesn’t seem that corporates are looking at it for general communications, in fact most corporates seem to struggle getting a handle on blu-ray over DVD so 3D is probably a while away there.

It’s all very sci-fi, but then so were automatically opening doors and in ear communications when Star Trek first came out!




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