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According to PACTs’ annual census, nearly half of all 16-24 year olds are dropping away from traditional television screens in favour of Twitter, Facebook and other digital messaging communications. The impact on advertising revenues for broadcasters could be severe as the focus moves to new media for advertising.

It’s been acknowledged by industry experts that the use of other screens such as iphones, tablets and laptops at the same time as watching television is fast becoming a new era of viewing. The second screen phenomenon is driving conversations about programmes and could in the future have the same status of eating a TV meal, according to Paul Lee, Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications at Deloitte.

One thing is for sure, the small screens are taking a big chunk of media away from the big guys and it’s a great opportunity for smaller businesses to also get in on the act with their video promotions and advertising. It’s no longer just the domain of the blue chip companies, even a one man band can afford a good bit of video to get himself noticed on the web. Video production company, Take One, based in High Wycombe,specialise in just this sort of thing and are very pleased to see the world is following suit at last.




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