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60 second video presentation wins business

We often hear people bemoaning the fact that they just can’t get in front of prospective clients; if only they could, then just 60 seconds would get them the business. Well, a number of our clients have recently taken up an offer to do a 60 second webshot about their business, introducing themselves to potential clients via their website – it’s a two pronged attack really cos having video on your website already gives you a better chance of being found, simply because Google gives priority to sites with video; but then once found, a quality video gives you a chance to show customers who you are and why they should trust you with their business; in just 60 seconds of quality, content lead video, you have a chance to share the benefit that your product or service makes to customers, and statistically a convincing argument in that space of time will get watched. As one client recently said, ‘The best bit of marketing spend ever, as well as great fun to do.’




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