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With today’s technology it’s much cheaper than it ever was to produce video for business purposes. Sales gurus such as Paul Gorman and Peter Thompson have long advocated the use of video as part of a marketing and sales strategy. The simple fact is that reading a well crafted message is powerful, listening to good content as an audio production is also useful, but put the two together using both watching, and listening in video, with a tad of reading as well and bingo, you have a winner!

Any business can use video to promote itself; a chiropodist can have a video of a patient receiving treatment and explain the reasons and benefits of what is being done. The visual imagery will sink deeper into the mind of viewers and when well targeted create a greater desire to take advantage of the service for themselves. A car dealer can show the sleakness and sophistication of particular vehicles he wishes to sell, or a golf club can show off their club room, putting green, driving range and course in a way that is far superior to just words and still images. Video can apply to pretty well any business; and where you see the product or service in use, as well as the seller – that’s an important part too, it’s the seller who imparts the people element and when done in a creative, yet ethical way most people can be shown in a good light – that’s one of the things that Take One Business Communications of High Wycombe specialise in, their experience in quality, targeted content which helps their clients to stand out from the crowd brings in business to their video production suite on a regular basis.

So reading a message is powerful. Listening to and reading a message, even better. However, watching, listening to and reading uses three prime senses altogether, and gives a real impact to video for good business results.




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