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DoP in video production, High Wycombe

Director of Photography – originally the person that directed the camera operator, chose the stock that would be used and the lens for the camera – yes they did used to be a separate piece to the camera, bit like the DSLRs where photographers can use their stills lens on the DSLR camera. The DoP didn’t actually touch the camera to operate it, however the DoP would be the most experienced person in the camera section having come up through the ranks of on the job training as runner, cable basher, camera assistant etc., etc. These days, well almost anyone seems to be able to claim the title of DoP but the skills associated with the title vary greatly. usually the DoP will now also operate the camera, oversee the lighting and manage the shoots in conjunction with the Director. Fortunately, our own DoPs are highly skilled and any freelancers we may need to use at busy times are also well versed in the real role of a DoP – we wouldn’t let them lose on our kit and with our productions otherwise!




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