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Wow, end of an era; BBC Television Centre White City, our well-beloved doughnut as we used to affectionately call her has been sold for £200million to property developers. We all knew it was happening of course, many of the BBC staff have already moved to the new place at Salford Quays in Manchester, and many haven’t as well! Such an iconic building, it’ll still be there for a while since the complete evacuation won’t be finished till 2015, but nonetheless a moment in history for many. I spent so many years running down the corridors, through the News Rooms with late pieces to telecine as it was then, and of course greeting contributors to programmes; the BBC gave me my first opportunities in the video production industry and gave me many years of hard work, along with pleasure. Maybe we should have a farewell do of some sort – are there any other BBC people in the High Wycombe or Buckinghamshire area that would like to have a bye bye White City do?




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