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Simple videos with no fancy graphics but with correct lighting and quality sound are becoming a popular method of selling on the net. If you know anyone who has a product or service that doesn’t require lots of graphics, it’s perhaps more to do with a service such as an accountant or a solicitor where people buy from the person they are going to deal with then producing a video sales letter can be a powerful way of getting a message across. Good video production contains a compelling message, usually something that is unique to the client for whom the video is being made – often that is simply the client themselves, the person.

Direct marketers in areas such as health newsletters, educational areas, financial advice and so on can make big differences to their lead generation by using well produced quality video production. Video increases the chances of a top 10 Google ranking by 96 percent when combined with good SEO and video content on a website provides a 53 times better chance of being found by search engines in the first place – so once found it’s then important that the right image is given to the viewer first time – there are no second chances in this game!

Take OneTV are based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and they specialise in video sales letters – it you’d like more information give them a call on 01494 898919.




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