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A great, and easy, way to improve your You Tube video production ratings is to add in a transcript of the words used in the programme.

It’s really easy to do, if you need help with transcription of video programmes just ask, we do it all the time. However, assuming you’ve the time and inclination it’s not difficult to do yourself. Once you’ve typed up the video transcript, save it as a simple text document, txt, in notepad format – so without any formatting, then go into the video manager and select the video you want to edit, click on the onward error next to that video, then go to Captions and click Add New Captions or Transcript. You’ll be able to upload the file from there by choosing it from your computer and clicking upload.

It sometimes take a couple of goes to get it right but it really helps the search engines to find you, and people who are using the computer to study find it very helpful to have the words as well as the video, plus it gives added credit for DDA.

You can also get You Tube to do an automatic transcript, again this can work but it’s not as reliable as doing a transcript yourself, the human element comes into play with understanding and the auto transcribing software can mishear or misunderstand context. We sometimes use auto transcriber for the initial run through on a long video programme, but then go back and amend any errors – but to be honest with our inhouse transcription at a very fast speed it’s usually quicker when we do it ourselves.




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