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Case study - The power of the moving image in small business

Case study - The power of the moving image in small business

Some businesses are obvious candidates for using the moving image as a tool, but what about the ones that aren’t?

Mike Duckett at Coaching for Success is one such person. He could see how using a video worked well for companies selling a product or even a service that has a visual element but coaching? How could that apply to him?

Mike heard Karen Pawlowska of Take One talking about her business and Clients each week at a BRE networking group they are both members of. When Karen showed a video that Take One had created for a Solicitor Mike suddenly saw the benefit to his business.

“I watched as this business came to life”, said Mike. “It was a business area that seemed quite staid and difficult to promote but the video really got their message and ethos across.”

Take One suggested that his business would be best explained by his customers “seeing the effects of coaching though their experiences”.

The biggest issue face by Take One was actually getting to the Clients. They are all very busy people and not often in one place long enough to be filmed.

“The key thing is that Take One went the extra mile for me,” said Mike. “It would have been an impossible task for me to arrange meetings with all these Clients in the timescale – Take one took that away from me”.

“Another great idea that Take One had was to make the DVD really interactive. I wanted it to do several jobs”, Mike said. “It needed to have retention value for people to show to others as a taster, and also to appeal to a wide range of markets”.

Take One suggested that we took the main video and also used the interview on their own for viewers to choose from. Once made, the DVD has been applied to many different marketing activities.

“Take One unlocked my mind and showed me how using video could really benefit my business. Making my business ‘visual’ was a great challenge and they achieved it brilliantly,” said Mike. “I would recommend them to any company who is looking to reach new customers in different ways and get their message across.”




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