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Nervousness and anxiety could cause personal radio mics to fail.

Discovered an interesting article today:

A phenomenon called ‘personal electromagnetic energy fields’ could result in the failure of electrical equipment such as personal radio mics worn by TV and theatre performers. Nervous or anxious performers tend to increase their personal electromagnetic energy which can disrupt radio transmitters worn by them.

This is not easy to measure scientifically let alone in a performance situation but it has been witnessed that a radio mic which has failed on one actor has worked perfectly on another actor on the same stage. Moreover, the radio mic performed perfectrly during rehearsals but failed during the live show only to work again perfectly when tested!

It is a know fact that sweat or bare body contact can deminish the RF strength of a personal body pack, as can the aerial being in contact with a sweat soaked shirt. This is know as body absorption. In fact there is anecdotal evidence of a famous actor who had three personal mics fail during a live performance although no faults were found on any of the body packs. So keep those nerves in check if you want to give a faultless performance at your next conference.”




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