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Case Study - Ask to borrow a video camera and end up with a long working relationship

What makes a successful “hands on” company like the Universal Group use the services of a professional video company?

That’s the question I put to busy Group Managing Director Michael Holland of the Universal Group on a pit stop between flights and meetings.

“How did we first start using Take One? Well, they were a tenant in our building and I went along to ask if I could borrow a video camera from them – it all went from there really”.

From that time, Take One have produced over 100 videos for us on all sorts of subjects for lots of different uses – sales training, staff information, promotion for our business, to name a few.

Back at the start in 1994, we had a very different organisational structure to the one in place today, many branches across the UK and also abroad. Keeping staff up to date with what was happening became very important and Take One helped us to do this with a series of bi-monthly “news reportage” videos.

They worked really well and the staff felt really informed about the business which helped motivation and team building. It was also a great way to get to everyone in Universal Group without the travelling!

As Group Managing Director of Universal Group, travelling is something that Michael Holland is very familiar with. He places a lot of importance on professionalism and creating the right image for his business.

“I use Take One because they are very professional. They are easy to work with (which is key) and are a quality company – they add professionalism to us and that’s why I work with them. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t use them”.

Staff are another important part of the Universal business – this is evident in the relationship between Michael and his team. Good recruitment is essential and training is fundamental.

“Take One have put together and run many training days and seminars over the years for us, also producing training videos and materials to be used as part of our internal programme. This has included courses, speaker management, as well as making a DVD for potential recruits in Australia and South Africa to take away with them after their interview.

I think of Take One as being part of our business, they are proactive with ideas and take on a project and run with it, saving me time and money”

Even as I closed my notebook Michael was already onto the next challenge. A challenge for Take One to have kept up with him for so long I think!




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