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  • blog date 21 February 2018

    Video Marketing Strategies - Using Video to Improve Results

    Video Marketing Strategies - Using Video to Improve Results

    Video is a relatively new tool in the marketing strategy world. Looking at how it can tie in to what you are already doing is important. Questions such as “What should I actually do with my video once made?” are commonplace. Also, “What should we say in Video?” And, “What type of video should we consider?” Different types of video perform better in different locations, so here’s a short review of things you should consider at the outset.

  • blog date 16 January 2017

    Where is Digital Video Marketing Heading?

    Where is Digital Video Marketing Heading?

    Using video for lead generation can range from simply images of a product, to demonstrations, customer testimonials and background knowledge. The aim of any video marketing is to get customers to buy and some businesses find that adding a video at the check out point reduced abandoned carts and encourages the sale. With so many products being bought on line these days, the more you can make the buying process into a tangible experience, one where the customer is virtually walking round a product, opening its doors or compartments, seeing it in use, hearing from satisfied existing customers, the more likely they are to buy.

  • blog date 21 December 2016

    Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy for 2017

    Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy for 2017

    Video is a powerful marketing tool, and when used well can really improve the return on investment. We are all becoming much more visually aware, and statistically it seems that, given the choice, we prefer to see and hear information before we read more detail. ’59% of executives,’ in a Forrester survey, ‘indicated that they would rather watch video than read text,’ and 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product before buying it.

  • blog date 12 September 2016

    Social Media Marketing and Video Content

    Social Media Marketing and Video Content

    One of the most common challenges that clients perceive with social marketing videos is not having enough to talk about or show on camera. People often feel they don’t have enough content that will be sufficiently engaging and appeal to their audience. Here are some ideas to help you get your video marketing strategy calendar filled out!

  • blog date 11 February 2014

    Measuring Video Content Success

    It’s really important though that your content is part of an overall strategy, and that you can measure the results. All of your communications materials including video blogs, video newsletters, articles, viral promos, photographs and links to related areas of your sector which are of genuine interest, they all need to encompass your keywords and follow your content strategy plan.




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