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  • blog date 18 February 2013

    Using Video to Improve Customer Engagement

    Web videos can get across a message faster.

    Most people talk at a rate of 150 words per minute, and if you asked a group of people if they’d rather read a 750 word article or watch a short video, many would prefer the video. Studies have proven this point. In fact, a recent survey suggested that people were 85% more likely to absorb a message that you are trying to get across if you are using a web video rather than text.

  • blog date 12 February 2013

    Martin Slovis Behind the Lens

    Behind the Lens interview with Martin Slovis from Creative Cos – yet another really good piece from this on line community.

  • blog date 06 February 2013


    A new development at Pinewood Studios has the potential to offer over 3000 new jobs to the film and television industry, as well as a myriad of support services.

  • blog date 24 January 2013

    Shooting video in Holland?

    If a Producer asks you to shoot a ‘Dutch Angle’ would you immediately dust off your passport and book the very next flight to Amsterdam?

  • blog date 12 September 2012


    3D without glasses using autostereo technology on mobile devices showcased at Hamburg Airpcraft Show. The technology could well be with us next autumn, or so they say!

  • blog date 26 July 2012


    Quality audio is vital to a quality video production

  • blog date 09 July 2012

    Marlow FM video interview

    Marlow FM video interview

    Karen visited Marlow FM on Thursday 5th of July…

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