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  • blog date 06 September 2013


    As John Cleese said to one of our Producers during an interview many years ago at the Grosvenor Hotel, London – creativity can’t just be turned on; it requires considerable skill and a certain something that’s difficult to pin down, and creativity alongside technical skills are the essentials of good video.

  • blog date 13 August 2013


    3D TV was heralded as the next big change in the video industry, akin to going digital. Our gut feel was that it was bit of a passing phase, dealing with large corporate clients where some are still struggling with HD and the intricacies of their own intranets or the world wide web.

    So this article from digitaltrends brought a smile to our faces!

  • blog date 23 July 2013

    From Star Trek to Smart Phones

    Technology, and the social media it has spawned, has now become an integral part of the marketing mix and is playing an increasingly important method of promoting and marketing business, indeed digital marketing has now become the de facto for all areas of business.

  • blog date 02 July 2013

    Content marketing versus viral video

    Potential clients are looking for information, for reassurance, for direction – they need content that is relevant, timely and easy to assimilate.

  • blog date 31 May 2013

    Can Video Help Businesses Grow?

    Well produced, targeted video is a highly effective tool when used as part of an overall marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • blog date 10 April 2013


    Hasan Khan talked to Rob McKenzie about his experiences with Take One TV in High Wycombe during his recent work placement required as part of his final year at BCUC for his degree in Film and Television Production.

  • blog date 05 April 2013

    Video Tape or Memory Card?

    Steve Groves is a trainee Creative Assistant with video production company Take One TV based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. He spoke to Hasan Khan about his experiences of digitising raw video materials and the pros and cons of tape versus memory cards.

  • blog date 19 March 2013



    Take One TV sponsor and judge New Media TV Advertising Award for the Telegraph Young Enterprise Scheme 2013. Some impressive young entrepreneurs took part in this opportunity in which they set up and run a real business; the opportunity showed real potential in our young people. It was heartwarming to hear their presentations where they shared both their good and their not so good experiences of running a business.

  • blog date 25 February 2013


    Do on line directories work for the video industry? The jury is still out on this for us, we have registered with many on line directories and there are more and more of them starting up, so many opportunities, but have to say haven’t had any real business so far as we know. The most recent are Only4Video, which seems like a good idea as it is supposed to offer a one stop service for project managers looking for creative input, well a good starting point at least and the people behind Only4Video are very keen to help businesses signing up with them, rather than just get the numbers on line. And Blur, a new one recommended by a marketing company, there was an interesting bid opportunity there but they charge commission on any successful bids so…. not sure. What do others think

  • blog date 18 February 2013

    Using Video to Improve Customer Engagement

    Web videos can get across a message faster.

    Most people talk at a rate of 150 words per minute, and if you asked a group of people if they’d rather read a 750 word article or watch a short video, many would prefer the video. Studies have proven this point. In fact, a recent survey suggested that people were 85% more likely to absorb a message that you are trying to get across if you are using a web video rather than text.

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