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  • blog date 25 September 2015

    New Bond Theme by Sam Smith Divides Opinion on Release

    Music can be a make or break element of any video production be it a simple 60 second webshot for a small business or a multimillion pound blockbuster movie such as the lastest James Bond offering. Sam Smith was commissioned to write and perform the theme tune for Spectre and is reported to have written it in 20 minutes; feelings on the music have divided critical opinion – perhaps because you need to see the visuals with the music to get the proper effect? That’s often the case with corporate video too, it’s not just about one things or the other but a combination of everything blending together. Well, see what you think.

  • blog date 22 June 2015

    How is your Business Video perceived?

    Has anyone ever visited a website that looked so outdated that they pressed the back button immediately?

  • blog date 08 April 2015

    Video production: In-house or outsource?

    If a company is serious about video and they want to consistently produce videos, hiring an in-house team could be a good option, or as we’re finding with a number of clients at the moment, arranging a contract with a local video production company to act as content managers and producers on an ongoing programme can be a very cost effective option too. If a video is only wanted every so often because of a specific reason or purpose, than always outsource and use a freelance producing facility. Either option is viable, but high-quality video is important in this day & age so best not to risk reputation for the sake of saving a few pounds on production!

  • blog date 12 November 2014

    Making GoPro Hero Camera Into A SUPER Hero

    The GoPro camera offers users a stunning array of shooting options and features at a competitive price. However anyone using a GoPro camera will know that there is one major factor holding it back from being a powerful little production camera…

  • blog date 24 April 2014


    It has long been the practice of commercial TV Broadcasters to increase the volume of transmissions during commercial breaks so as to attract your attention to the advertisements. Now it seems things are going the other way and the spoken dialogue in TV and film audio is becoming indistinguishable from that of the ambient background noise.

  • blog date 02 April 2014


    The essential elements of a web video are that it is relatively short, it is well constructed in both content and technical set up, and that it is appropriate for desired the audience.
    Video can’t do the whole sale for you, but pitched correctly it can at least open the door and get the kettle on for you!

  • blog date 27 March 2014

    4K Video Production

    Whilst it is great to see technology continuing to develop and to have the opportunity of appreciating the quality of 4K productions, we think for the majority of corporate needs it’s really not necessary and probably won’t become a status quo requirement for a long time. Here are just a few of our thoughts and comments on the uptake of 4K.

  • blog date 04 March 2014


    We’ve just made our annual pilgrimage across London to visit the 2014 Broadcast and Video Exhibition (BVE) at the ExCel centre, Canary Wharf in the heart of London’s docklands.
    I should explain for those that don’t already know that BVE is the TV and video industry’s look at what’s new and where future technology is pointing us when it comes to all things video.

  • blog date 09 October 2013

    Streamstar Webcast Case

    The team at Take One attended a seminar this year hosted by TNP Broadcast at Watford Football Ground.

  • blog date 02 October 2013

    What makes a quality video?

    What is quality? Is it something that can quantified with a few words or images? Is quality absolute or relative? Can you have too much quality?

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