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  • blog date 23 September 2015

    Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Most businesses will be using FaceBook and Twitter, as well as the much loved Linked In of course; however, to get your brand noticed on social media it’s worth having a look at some of the other up and coming platforms out there which would give your digital marketing an extra push. Also looking at video in your digital marketing with these social media platforms will add even greater viewer engagement whilst getting your brownie points from YouTube and Google.

  • blog date 14 April 2015

    How to improve Google search ranking

    How to improve Google search ranking

    It is a really easy way for Small to Medium Enterprises to outwit the competition in terms of search rankings.

    Google is offering a higher ranking for searches to websites that are prepared to offer users a more secure experience.

    With Google now using blended results, showing not only webpages but videos, news results and images, on their first page there is now more of a chance for your video to be viewed.

  • blog date 02 April 2015

    Video Production and Digital Media Apprenticeships

    Video Production and Digital Media Apprenticeships

    With increasing University costs, nowadays it’s not just trades that offer potential apprenticeship opportunities; we are very keen to look at apprenticeship opportunities for video production, social and digital marketing – with a strong emphasis on video as the source medium of course!

    Nowadays too many children are attending university when they aren’t properly equipped or ready to do a degree course. Some of the courses should also not be taught at degree level. Fortunately, we’ve seen a bit of a cull on the softer degree courses such as cake making and appreciation of television documentaries – but it should go even further, media studies as a degree would be far better taken as an apprenticeship with supported training.

  • blog date 22 December 2014

    Video Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

    Using video to raise profile, awareness and funds for Not for Profit, Voluntary or Social Enterprise businesses is certainly something that should be considered. If you live in the Buckinghamshire there is also a great venture funded by the Buckinghamshire District Council that can help you investigate the skills required to make the most of video marketing. The venture is called New Futures and it can grant up to £1500 of funds to help not for profit, voluntary and social enterprises get a kick start to their profiles with video and digital marketing.

  • blog date 14 January 2013

    Common reasons online video marketing fails

    12 common mistakes to avoid with online video marketing

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