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  • blog date 27 July 2015

    How to get your company's website noticed with social, search and content

    How to get your company's website noticed with social, search and content

    The first rule of content marketing is to ‘Be Useful’. Write about what the company knows, for an audience that is looking for advice and information about what the business offers. Don’t sell to your audience at this point, identify a core audience and write for them. Understand what they need and deliver words, videos and images with authority.

  • blog date 21 July 2015

    Mastering the Facebook Video Algorithm: 3 Winning Tactics

    Mastering the Facebook Video Algorithm: 3 Winning Tactics

    The tools available on Facebook, such as custom call-to-action buttons, allows brands to have more control over what happens when their video finishes, making them more effective in turning potential customers into actual customers. Have a look at these tips and tricks to help boost video content’s organic reach and potential on Facebook.

  • blog date 02 June 2015

    End Cards for YouTube Videos

    End Cards for YouTube Videos

    End cards (end screens) come at the end of videos and it is technique used by YouTube Creators that allows them to finish a video with a few seconds where they direct viewers to watch additional content and to subscribe to their channel, visit their website. The additional content can include behind-the-scenes footage to older videos, different YouTube channels or merchant links which have been approved. There are endless possibilities; they are a simple, creative and effective way to gain more engagement from viewers.

  • blog date 16 March 2015

    5 ways to help you get a good video promotion

    5 ways to help you get a good video promotion

    Video can be an incredibly effective way for people to understand what you are selling…as long as the video is well made, compelling and makes sense. A lot of people think that videos are scary partly because they cost too much, and with many marketing promotions, it’s hard to measure Return on Investment. There are videos that cost a lot and only ended up with very few views on YouTube!

  • blog date 11 March 2015

    Using Video Backlinks For Websites to Improve SEO and SERPS ratings

    Inbound links (backlinks) to your videos are important for optimisation within Google universal SERPS. Here are some ideas and tips on how to develop backlinks to your videos. For the most part, these techniques can be used to develop backlinks to any site. Most of the techniques that work for linking strategy in general will work well for video search optimization as well. We’re not web gurus – though we know some people who are of course – but we do know how to make business video production work for business growth.

  • blog date 26 January 2015

    Is Celebrity Endorsement Effective?

    We often get asked by clients about using a ‘name’ or ‘face’ to promote their business, and although it can be useful and have benefits, in most cases it’s not necessary.

  • blog date 08 October 2014

    Video for the small screen

    The use of small screens such as iPhone’s, iPad’s and Smartphone’s to watch videos has increased over the past few years with more people choosing to use their devices to watch catch-up television, Youtube and other videos.

  • blog date 17 September 2014

    Video for business promotion

    There are many different ways in which to promote your business online. Using videos is now one of the most popular, as people and future customers can see what your company does as well as get a feel for the ethos of a business and the people who work in it. There are many free services which a company can use to promote themselves with video on the web, these include: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • blog date 02 September 2014

    Copyright Clearance

    For information on copyright have a look at our Focus on Copyright programme with litigation specialist Peter Coyle:


  • blog date 13 August 2014

    Photoshop - is it just for photographs?

    At Take One we use Photoshop and After Effects regularly for titles and logo animations; it is a powerful combination but just cos almost everyone has the software it doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use it and usually the biggest surprise is the amount of time it takes to create a logo or title animation – they key thing is the best ones always look simple and as if they should just be that way, but the simple things often hide many hours of skilled beavering at a computer screen or two or three in fact.

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