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  • blog date 18 December 2017

    Day 3 on location with Take One TV

    Day 3 on location with Take One TV

    We arrived at the location with only one sequence and a small piece of trailer dialogue left to shoot now. We went through the same pattern as the last two days with setting up the equipment and keying the lighting while also doing sound checks.

  • blog date 13 December 2017

    Day 2 on location with Take One TV

    Day 2 on location with Take One TV

    The next day was another early start (I was over it by this point!) at Take One HQ. We gathered the equipment and rushed to the location just ahead of the school rush hour. We arrived and were greeted by a warm plate of food. Yeah I forgot to mention this part earlier! The staff at Chartridge Lodge kindly provided us with bacon sandwiches (they even had gluten free variants for the likes of myself!) which is a lovely feeling, especially on a cold late November morning!

  • blog date 04 December 2017

    Day 1 on location with Take One TV

    Day 1 on location with Take One TV

    On the 30th of November Take One wrapped up a 3 day shoot which I was a lucky enough to be a part of. We were filming 5 segments of content for the “National Learning Trust”. The large majority of the filming required a well known individual within Education, who had also been a director at the NLT, to share his stories and methods of teaching to the camera with the intent of using this video content to help teachers get the best out of themselves and their students while teaching.

    The last 3 days have been a mixed bag of (positive!) emotions. These were feelings such as excitement, responsibility, pride and an eagerness to learn. One thing I can safely say is that I had an amazing experience and am hopefully looking forward to many more experiences like this as part of the Take One team!




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